3 ways we can support you through COVID-19: A message from CCi CEO, Glenn Leask

Dear valued clients and partners,

The COVID-19 pandemic is the epic struggle of our time, affecting us all. The rapid spread of the virus has increased health and safety concerns for people around the world, pressuring businesses and the global economy.

Supply chains, developed over decades of careful planning, have been upended, and it is self-evident that in order to sustain the global economy through this crisis we all need to find new ways of working.

Paramount in our concern is the safety of our clients’ staff, our own staff and the broader community. Consequently, we have adapted our ways of working to better protect those around us, while still providing the support you need to keep momentum on your continuous improvement (CI) journey.

We have crystallized our approach in the COVID-19 environment to three key areas which we believe will enable us to support you while minimizing risk to all:

  • eLearning and digital consultations – By now you have probably developed a mechanism/s for online communication within your organization and with your customers. We are also geared up to support our clients remotely. Our people are ready to assist you through online consulting, training and coaching. All our training material is also available in the cloud, making it easily accessible from wherever you are.
  • Building supply chain resilience – The nature of COVID-19 has meant that some industries are seeing record demand growth, while others have suffered steep demand declines. We understand that you know your supply chain best, but our advisors are here to help you as you adapt to the new reality. Specifically we can support you in assessing your current risks, strengthening your end-to-end supply chain processes and building resilience through our proven TRACC best practices, methodology and system.
  • Maintaining the continuous improvement journey – Operational excellence doesn’t have to stop – in fact these turbulent times could be used to further embed good practices and provide a positive focus for your employees. We encourage you to keep momentum on your CI journey to ensure you maintain your productivity gains and preserve your cost-savings and ROI. This is made easy through the TRACC eLearning material, online coaching, facilitation and support. We do believe that companies that manage to keep the fundamentals in place – and build on them – will be best placed to recover quickly from the current situation.

To enable us to provide the best possible support to you and your business right now, we invite you to share your unique business-specific challenges with us. Our key account managers will also continue to reach out to all our valued clients to better understand the nature of the issues confronting you now, so that we can find ways of supporting you as you recalibrate your business.

Kind regards and stay safe,

Glenn Leask